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Gate valves 4pcs. DN400 PN25 with 380V actuators Dry Dock pump system retrofit.

In just 5 working days we have managed to organise and deliver 4pcs of this gate valves for retrofit project in Dry Dock pump room!  

Full specification fittings and flanges in L360NB/P355NL with impact test on -40degr. Celsius

Just in 10 working days we gathered and deliver full specification in L360NB/P355NL.All items with impact test on -40. Client is EPC company and final client is Big Refinery !  


 Our Promise and Values

Our aim is to fulfil clients demands and expectations in most appropriate manner, with most suitable price lever and always on time . We are a company that firmly stands behind the promises we give to our Valuable clients!

Ilian Dimitrov - Owner