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Air cargo shipment of elbows 16" XS SR to major shipping client with vessel in Drydocks World Dubai

Bulmar Trade was chosen to supply from stock with Air Cargo within 1 week time frame for BWTS on board of Tanker Vessel elbows 16" XS SR in P265GH/A234WPB.

Flanges DN2200 PN2,5 in P355GH for exhaust gas vent. ducts.

Bulmar Trade was nominated and deliver according the contract Plate flanges 2200 PN355GH in less than 40 days to ADM (Amilum - Bulgaria) as follow: Flanges DN2200 PN2,5 TYPE 01 A P355GH - 28 PCS + Flanges DN1800 PN2,5 TYPE 01 A P355GH - 4 PCS + Flanges DN1600 PN2,5 TYPE 01 A P355GH - …


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