Special solutions require indeep Know-How!

Few projects to mention from the past month. All ordered and delivered in less then 30 days. 

  • Seamless pipe ф406,4 x 30 grade P355GH and end cap Ф406,4 х 25mm for high pressure vessels with military purposes! 

  pipe ф406x30

  • Weldneck flanges in GOST 12821 from grade 1.4541/ 321 DN200 PN100 and DN150 PN100 with RTJ type faces. Our inhouse desing 
  • Elbows LR, Tees and  Reducing Tees in 8″ and 12″ in SCH80. Due to the urgency of the orders some fittings were delivered from the factories with mill scale and without surface finish.

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Maintenance season is on!

During maintenance season we perform special tasks with short notice :

  • Weldolets 4″ XS MSS-97 grade 316L

weldolet 4" 316L

  • Blind flanges as per ASME B16.5 RTJ face. 6″, 8″ and 10″ –  600 and 900LBS grade A105N for Lukoil.

Blind flange RTJ

  • Stainless fittings and flanges in АSME B16.9 и АSME B16.5. The most rare of them is seamless elbows 6″ SCH100 LR  grade 316L.


  • “Custom made” flanges DN500 and DN400 from grade S355J2 for Siberia – Norilsk Nickel final client.

plate flange as per drawing

Keep the tempo!

Previous week was busy as usual! We perform special deliveries to name few of them :

Weldneck and blind flanges in PN63 from DN50 to DN150 for chemical plant.

Stub ends DN65 and reducers DN65/DN50 in grade 310S 1.4845 within 3 days for glass smelting furnace cooling circle. 

grade 310 stub end

Plate flanges DN2200 OD 2415mm for chemical facrory yearly maintanance !

plate flange 2200